Spandex & Daddy Issues

PLEASE TAKE HEED: “Hello there! My name is Operative Drake of S.H.I.E.L.D. Due to a series of events involving people in suits and sunglasses, I found myself stuck, here, living next to Stark Tower, surrounded by tight spandex and rampant daddy issues.”
And I am the Mun, who you can call whatever you so please~. Though this is mainly an RP blog, I will be posting other things, such as my own artwork, cosplay, fandom posts, etc. I hope you enjoy your stay!
[[Open to any sort of Multi-Universe RP & completely OC and Multi-Ship friendly; if you wish to start somethin', I track avengette. Or just pop a message in my ask's cherry/my submit... thing. That works just fine, too. Gifs that are mine are located in the Gifs of the Avengette folder. All others are not mine unless otherwise stated. I also have a YouTube channel entitled TheAvengetteChannel. Both Mun and Muse are of legal age. I also do commission and cosplay requests, if I am able to do so.]]
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